The seventh-annual War Dogs fundraiser comes as canines and handlers protect freedom worldwide

As Americans fire up their barbeques and break out their flip-flops with the arrival of summer, Pet Supermarket, a specialty pet supply retailer with over 200 stores across the U.S. Southeast, is turning its attention to the military service canines that preserve these national pastimes for current and future generations. During the month of July, Pet Supermarket is holding a storewide fundraiser in partnership with The United States War Dogs Association.

Since 2016, Pet Supermarket has raised over $1 million for military service canines. Visitors to all Pet Supermarket locations can join the patriotic festivities and show their support for America’s frontline canines by:

  • purchasing a $5 limited-edition bandana available in green and pink camouflaged patterns, and/or
  • providing a monetary donation of their choosing at checkout.

Proceeds from bandana sales and donations will be directed entirely to The United States War Dogs Association. Pet Supermarket’s contribution will further the organization’s mission of honoring our nation’s war dogs and their handlers – past, present and future.

“As a U.S. Army veteran myself, I’ve seen the real-life difference our war dogs make on the battlefield,” said Steve Jensen, Pet Supermarket’s Vice President of Retail. “Giving back to these four-legged heroes through our storewide fundraiser makes me proud of our integrity as a retailer.”

With the donations, The United States War Dogs Association can further its efforts to educate the public about military canines, secure caretaking supplies for dogs on active duty, provide retired dogs with essential medications, help veteran dogs find loving homes and ensure that fallen canine soldiers are properly memorialized.

One of the dogs benefitting from Pet Supermarket’s partnership with The United States War Dogs Association is Mark, a German Shepherd that had a promising career supporting missions in Europe and Africa. However, his tenure as an explosive patrol dog came to an end upon being diagnosed with degenerative myopathy, which began to hinder mobility in his back legs.

Joining The United States War Dogs Association’s free prescription drug program, Mark was provided critical medications needed to keep him healthy and pain-free. As Mark’s disease progressed, his adoptive mother, Krystal, sought the organization’s help in securing him a wheelchair. As soon as Krystal fitted Mark with his chair for the first time, she knew they were right on target.

“He took off like a bat out of hell – it was really wonderful to see,” said Krystal. “I take Mark hiking through the woods and there is just no stopping him. He is so happy to be back to full speed again and that is all thanks to The United States War Dogs Association.”

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