PK Hope Is Alive, your local Knoxville, Oak Ridge Parkinson Support Group, would like to thank everyone for walking, donating and supporting the 6th annual Parkinson’s Unity Walk held Saturday, April  15th at Bissell Park in Oak Ridge. The Walk was very successful and 100% of all donations will go to research funding for the six major Parkinson’s organizations.

We invite you to join our support group meeting on Tuesday, May 16th at Kern United Methodist Church, in their Family Life Center located 451 East Tennessee Ave. Oak Ridge, TN. We meet on the third Tuesday of the month 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. Family and care support partners are always welcome. PK Hope Is Alive is affiliated with the Parkinson Foundation, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, along with Vanderbilt Parkinson’s Research. Exercise and staying active is very important for Parkinson’s patients. This month the group will be discussing and demonstrating some good ways to stay active with Yoga, Tai Chi, Boxing and Peddling. Come join us and learn something new every month!

For more information please see our website: or call Alan Zimmerman at 865-693-5721.