~ from the City Office of Neighborhoods


Twelve properties are on the agenda for the City’s next Public Officer Hearing (POH) at 9:30 a.m. Friday, Aug. 24. The meeting will be held in the Main Assembly Room of the City County Building, 400 W. Main Street.


Normally, the Public Officer Hearing meets after the Better Building Board (BBB).  Due to scheduling conflicts, the POH will meet the week BEFORE the BBB. See below.


The properties to be heard for repair/demolition orders are: 5210 Aubrey Ln., 1509 Beaumont Ave. (including accessory structure), 712 East Caldwell Ave. (including accessory structure), 167 Chickamauga Ave., 1935 Fair Dr., 1311 Jourolman Ave., 1207 Karnes Ave., 1423 Lawson Ave., 0 Maryland Ave. (accessory structure only), 215 Oglewood Ave. (including accessory structure), 5807 East Sunset Rd., and 2414 Truman Ave. Boarding approvals are for 717 North Beaman St. and 1509 Beaumont Ave.


The Public Officer – David Brace, Deputy Director to the Mayor and the City’s Chief Operating Officer – will hear testimony on buildings that inspectors contend are in violation of the City’s building codes.


Testimony can also be made by the property owners, neighbors, neighborhood groups, and other stakeholders, such as lien holders.


The Public Officer then decides whether to issue an order requiring that the violations be addressed in a certain period of time. Failure by the owner to cure the problem may result in the boarding or demolition of a structure, or the cleanup of a dirty or overgrown lot, with costs billed to the owner.


A property owner may appeal the Public Officer’s decision to the Better Building Board (BBB) and, ultimately, to Chancery Court.


One property, 1846 Prospect Place, is on the agenda for consideration of acquisition at the City’s next Better Building Board meeting at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 30. The meeting will be held in Room 549 of the City County Building.


If any of these properties are in your neighborhood, then you or a representative of your organization may wish to attend the meeting to submit testimony about the impact of the property on the neighborhood.


For agendas and more information about these hearings, see the City of Knoxville’s website.