~ from the Office of Neighborhoods


Starting Oct. 1, 2020, every U.S. citizen will need an updated Real ID in order to fly domestically and enter federal buildings. This updated ID is issued by the Department of Homeland Security to update security standards.


In order to get your Real ID, you must go to a Driver Services Center or participating County Clerks. You must bring:


  • Proof to establish citizenship or legal presence, like a birth certificate AND proof of your full Social Security Number, like your social security card OR a passport can be used in place of these two items.
  • If you have had a name change from Proof of Citizenship or legal presence, you must also provide a certified legal document supporting the name change, like a marriage certificate or divorce decree.
  • Two of the following proofs of TN residency that include your name and address: a utility bill, TN vehicle registration, current TN voter registration card, IRS tax return (within the last 12 months), bank statements, payroll check stub, current rental/mortgage contract or receipt, current homeowner or renter insurance policy, receipt of personal property or real estate taxes paid within the previous year, current driver license or ID or handgun carry permit, and more.


Visit the website to learn more about what documents are needed.


All documents must be originals or certified.  Photocopies will not be accepted.