Regal Cinema Art Team to Review Qualifying Locally Produced Films

The Visit Knoxville Film Office along with the Regal Entertainment Group today announced a new incentive for qualifying films produced in the East Tennessee area. In addition to the many production advantages already offered locally, Regal will screen films produced in Knoxville for potential art house distribution within their network of Cinema Art theatres. The new initiative compliments Regal’s rich history of supporting local film communities.

“Synergy between the Visit Knoxville Film Office and Regal Entertainment Group makes perfect sense as we move forward to establish Knoxville as a competitive option for production,” said Curt Willis, Visit Knoxville Film Office Director. “We’re grateful for Regal’s support and are happy to offer filmmakers a possible solution to one of the biggest challenges they face once a film is wrapped—getting the final product in the hands of an exhibitor.”

“We are proud to partner with the Visit Knoxville Film Office,” stated Greg Dunn, President and Chief Operating Officer at Regal Entertainment Group. “This is an excellent opportunity to expand our hometown’s talent and economic development.”

“We could not be happier that Knoxville-based Regal is willing to work with the Visit Knoxville Film Office to make Knoxville a more lucrative filming destination,” stated Visit Knoxville President, Kim Bumpas.

Most recently the Visit Knoxville Film Office hosted Dog Years, an independent feature written and directed by Adam Rifkin and starring Burt Reynolds and Ariel Winter. Executive produced by Gordon Whitener and Neil Mandt, the film will retroactively be eligible for the new incentive.

Knoxville productions already enjoy access to the following benefits:

  • 25% rebate on Tennessee spending from the Tennessee Entertainment Commission
  • $200k spending threshold
  • Low to no cost on local services and locations
  • Production crew and equipment readily available locally
  • Close proximity to Nashville and Atlanta
  • Low cost of living— inexpensive hotels, catering, local travel, etc.
  • A supportive and energized community