~ from the Office of Neighborhoods


Are you tired of cooking at home? Do you wish you could have that favorite meal from that favorite place? Would you like to help local businesses stay afloat?


Knox Foodie is keeping a running list of local restaurants and breweries. Visit “To-Go and Curbside Pickup During COVID-19 in Knoxville” to see who’s open, who is offering curbside pick-up, delivery only, meal prep, and more.


Even if you must get your favorite burger, pizza, dan dan noodles, fried rice, or burrito to go, you can still eat it at home or on a socially distant pre-sanitized park bench. Some restaurants are even offering to-go beverages to go with your meal! (Did someone say “margarita”?)


Help support local business, your tummy, and your sanity – check out the list! Keep your eyes open for other local essential businesses offering curbside service. We are all in this together, and we can help each other weather the storm.


Please eat and drink socially responsibly.