In what has become a symbolic sign of the current Knox County
Republican Party, the official website still has
Romney for President and has not been updated since before the
election. Attendance at a number of local Republican Clubs is down,
and the party is still stinging after the loss to State Representative
Gloria Johnson in the 13th District. A massive amount of work needs to
be done to right the ship, and one candidate for Party Chair has began
to emerge as a front runner. Ruthie Kuhlman has been working the
phones, going to meetings, and campaigning tirelessly for the unpaid
volunteer position.

The Focus spoke to her last night. Her message was clear and simple.
“Growing members, having an updated website, and continuity, are the
top issues that need to be addressed,” she related. She then went into
detail regarding how she plans to reverse the rapidly declining
party’s problems if elected.  She noted that with so many problems the
current party has, she will be in a key position to dedicate much of
her time to address the issues. Mrs. Kuhlman  is fortunate enough to
not have to work and maintains she will dedicate a significant amount
of her time to the party.

She noted in her phone calls to fellow Republicans an ongoing theme is
that most members would like to see twice per year gatherings of the
entire party. Many also told Kuhlman that they would like to see the
calender on the website more current.  She told the Focus that she
hears the feedback loud  and clear and if elected will work tirelessly
to get the party back up to good standing.