When Knox County GOP Chairwoman Ruthie Kuhlman ran for the seat, she promised to give her all to advance the Knox County Republican Party. Her platform included the need to both grow and diversify the Republican Party in Knox County. She ran on it. She promised it. She delivered it- earlier this week at the West Knox Republican Club meeting.

This month’s meeting featured a record-breaking 53 new and renewed memberships. 26 of the members present had never attended a West Knox Republican Club meeting prior to this week. Ever confident in the new leadership and the direction Kuhlman is leading the party, a great deal of the new members were, in fact, college Republicans. How’s that for energizing the party? Kulhman’s leadership has further served to spur previous members to action…Former City Councilwoman, Jean Teague, who has not been a member 2008 came out to this week and rejoined the club.

It looks like the Knox County Republican Party is off to a promising two years.