After a dinner meeting with President Obama and 11 Republican senators to discuss our nation’s fiscal issues on Wednesday, Senator Corker said the dinner was “very sincere and constructive” but that “obviously, the proof is in the pudding.”

“It was very sincere and, I think, a constructive dinner… There’s an air of cooperation that was created… I don’t think we’re going to have some grand bargain over the next month or six weeks, but I think the purpose was to lay the foundation… Obviously, the proof is in the pudding… But I do think there was a sincerity and a soberness around this issue that, hopefully, will translate over time into some real solutions. We need to focus on the common areas… and do something that’s great for this nation… You cannot deal with our nation’s biggest issues without presidential involvement. It just cannot happen… So, I do hope there’s a change that’s taking place… I certainly like this new approach much better than being campaigner-in-chief. There’s no question. Hopefully, it’ll lead to a solution that’ll be good for our country.”