Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs helps promote library cards


Knox County Public Library is celebrating Library Card Sign-Up Month with the help of the new Knox County Mayor. Starring in a social media campaign, Mayor Glenn Jacobs touts the many resources of the library, which include information and assistance with job searches, market research, investing, and more.


As an English literature major in college, Mayor Jacobs is a voracious reader and a proponent of lifelong learning. The Library has more than 125,000 active cardholders and a collection of 1.36 million items. Books, movies, and music were checked out 2.7 million times last year.


Library cards are available to children, teens, and adults in Knox County at no cost. Residents who do not live in Knox County can purchase an out-of-county card for $40. Library cardholders can now check out up to 50 items at one time.


The only requirement to successfully obtain a card is to complete an application and provide proof of identity and address. The application and details are available at