The Sunsphere shines in the glow of sunset last night


First off, so many times journalists get accused of only printing “the bad stuff.” So, I am glad to say that when people do the right thing, I love to cover it. Right now so many great things are taking place at The Sunsphere that I decided to dedicate a whole in depth blog post about it.

Cleaning time…

First off, the Sunsphere’s glass is getting cleaned the first week of June. This is no small task.  Cleaners have to repel using rope off the top of the Sunsphere and have to tether the rope to the bottom. Since the Sunsphere is such a unique shape it makes conventional window washing methods useless.

New signage!


Next, we have brand new highly visible signage (yes we noticed) and since I got a photo with the elevators let me give you an update on that also. PBA has installed plush carpeting and and heating and air condition in the elevators.

Thank you Convention Center…


It is good to see that the Convention Center is still keeping true to their word and leaving the lights on at night to make Knoxville a safer place.  See http://24×7. for more information.  The photo above was taken last night and I have been watching throughout the week. So many times the media shows up and long after we leave things go back to the way they were originally. So I am glad to highlight that almost six months later the Convention Center is still leaving the lights on at night. They even adjusted the timers to save money. Good job saving taxpayers money by not wasting electricity and keeping the citizens safe!



Also last night at Icon was an awesome event. “Destination Imagination” which is an event where thousands of young brilliant minds converge on Knoxville, concluded with their fireworks show.  The best view in the City in my opinion was at Icon. Bottom line, if you have not been to Icon you are missing out on an amazing place.  Icon is open Tuesday through Saturday 4pm to close. It is on the 5th floor of The Sunsphere.  It is where all the cool people perform business meals…just saying.


Shine Brighter!


Finally, last night was a perfect night for Sunsphere photography. With a clear full moon  and the new lighting on the shaft of Sunsphere…it created great photo opportunities.