These photos were taken at the City of Knoxville parking garage across from the Civic Coliseum. Click here (ParkingBook2) to view the latest parking lot revenue numbers for the coliseum parking garage. The City of Knoxville generated over $336,000.00+ in revenue for this parking garage alone!  The photos were taken at approximately 12:30 p.m. on 08/01/2013.  I was taking the Trolley from Police HQ after a press conference when I noticed something didn’t look right, so I exited the Trolley and began to take photos. Literally,  I just came from KPD HQ where I  asked Chief Rausch about the 40 extra police officers he requested during the budget hearings and if it would have made a difference in a recent rash of crime.  Maybe we just don’t need 40 extra cops…maybe we need 40 extra electricians also. Not only is this wasted revenue, its wasted energy. Not to mention that poor lighting could also open the door for more crime in the area…particularly in light of the recent outbreak.   (Click here to find original information about the solar project.)

Dan Andrews reporting

The dirty covers appear to be just part of the problem. Burnt out lighting appears to be another problem. This photo was taken at approximately 12:30 P.M. in the afternoon.



Another photo highlighting a dangerous situation, as well as, a waste of electricity.


The overhead parking lot lights remain on at the city of Knoxville parking garage across from the Coliseum. The city recently installed solar panels to save electricity!  Note the six electronic charging stations that are empty.