Singh suspends campaign to seek Gloria Johnson’s state house seat

By Mike Steely

Knoxville City Councilwoman Seema Singh has suspended her campaign in the Democratic Primary for District 90’s Tennessee House Seat. Singh, who represents the city’s Third District and is in her second term, issued the following statement:

In September I announced my intention to run for Tennessee House of Representatives for District 90. Immediately, so many of you gave me support and encouragement. You have donated to my campaign, attended events to support me, and written or called to tell me of your excitement that I am running.
As you know, the State House seat for which I announced my candidacy is presently held by my friend and mentor, Gloria Johnson. As a District 90 constituent, when Gloria announced her candidacy for U.S. Senate, I decided to run for House District 90 to protect this seat, in the name of the same principles for which Gloria stands.
Councilwoman Seema Singh and State Representative Gloria Johnson are allies and friends. Singh has stopped her campaign to replace Johnson in the Tennessee Legislature but says she would run for the seat should Johnson be elected as the U. S. Senator.
Now that Gloria has decided to run for both U.S. Senate and the District 90 seat, I know it is in everyone’s best interest for me to suspend my campaign.
I fully endorse Gloria Johnson in her run for the State House District 90 seat. After Gloria wins both races and becomes a U.S. Senator, with her support, I will resume my campaign in the special election that will subsequently be held for the District 90 seat.
Gloria and I have been communicating throughout this process, and she has always had my back. She knows I want all of us to have her back as well, and help her beat Marsha Blackburn and send her to Washington to represent Tennesseans’ interests.
See you for the win in November, when Gloria is elected to the United States Senate, and soon thereafter, when I will be running in the special election for TN House District seat 90!