SKNBC Hosts Candidate Forum

The South Knoxville Neighborhood and Business Coalition is hosting a public event on Tuesday, July 9, 6:30-8 p.m. at the South High Senior Living Center, 835 Tipton Ave. to spread information and increase voter turnout for the upcoming primary and general elections.

While national news focuses on the November presidential election, local elections are equally if not more impactful to city and county residents. The March primary election had low voter turnout, and some races were decided by just a few votes.

Organizers have invited all candidates who influence South Knoxville, including candidates for U.S. House and Senate, State Senate District 6, State House Districts 15, 18, and 19, County Commission District 9, Criminal Court Judge Division II District 6, Property Assessor, and County Law Director. A candidate list and sample ballots are posted at the Knox County Election Commission website,

All candidates will have up to 5 minutes to introduce themselves and answer three questions:
1. Why do you believe you are the best qualified person for the position?
2. What do you know about South Knoxville/South Knox County?
3. What, if anything, will you do to improve the area?

There will be time after introductions for the public to meet and speak with candidates.

Knox County residents are encouraged to attend this event to learn about the candidates that influence their lives at all levels: federal, state and county. For more information, visit the SKNBC Facebook page