April 5, 2019 is Walk to Work Day and Smart Trips is rewarding workers for commuting on foot.


Smart Trips is a free online program that encourages people to take alternative transportation instead of driving alone. While other clean commutes are encouraged and rewarded regularly, April 5 will focus on walking. A prize will be given for any Smart Trips member who walks to work and logs their commute on the Smart Trips website or app by midnight on April 5. All those who log their commute will be entered into a drawing for a gift card.


“Walk to Work Day is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, get some exercise, and take a few extra minutes to appreciate the world around you,” said Savannah Robertson, Smart Trips Program Coordinator. “You might be surprised to find out that you like starting your day this way and want to incorporate it into your routine more often!”


Smart Trips encourages people to try walking and to think creatively about how they get places. Making the choice to take a different form of transportation can help you save money on vehicle costs and parking, incorporate exercise into your daily routine, and be environmentally friendly.


For more information about Smart Trips, visit knoxsmarttrips.org. More information about Walk to Work Day is available at facebook.com/knoxsmarttrips.