Rumors began circulating a few weeks ago that former Knox County Commissioner Paul Pinkston was considering a run against Vice Mayor Nick Pavlis for the District 1 City Council seat. The Focus caught up with Paul this afternoon, who informed us that he does not have plans to challenge Pavlis for the seat. During the course of the conversation he discussed the proposed James White Parkway Extension…a project Pinkston supports entirely.

Pinkston also discussed alternative marketing propositions for South Knoxville which included incorporating the area’s Civil War sites and other historical sites into guided tours, leveraging Chapman Highway as a scenic route to the Smokies to further spur economic development in the area, as well as, alleviate traffic congestion on Hwy. 66, and cross promotional opportunities with Sevier County hotels, that might offer one day shuttle into Knoxville.

When asked to confirm that he is not running for the District 1 seat, Pinkston related that he does not currently have plans to, but isn’t necessarily saying that he would never.