~from the Office of Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods, We Need Your Assistance!

Help us count everyone in the Census 2020. Our community deserves all the funding that comes along with counting everyone!

For every person we miss, it costs our community thousands of dollars, over the next 10 years. If you have already filled out your Census 2020 form, thank you and please ask five people this week if they have done the same. If you have not filled out your Census 2020 form, please do so as soon as possible and ask five people this week to join you.


The numbers below indicate the percentage of people who have already filled out the census, based on zip code. If you live in one of these zip codes and the numbers are low, please help us by reaching out to as many of your neighbors as you are able. Explain the importance of completing the census, and maybe even, make it a friendly competition. You may also want to post on Facebook, call the neighbors you know, etc.


If you have a student living near or on campus at the University of Tennessee, please get them to fill out their Census 2020 form.


Currently, the winning zip code is 37931/32, in second place is 37922, and in third place is 37918.


37912                    70.3%

37914                    66.6%

37915                    48.3%

37916                    27.6%

37917                    65.2%

37918                    76.2%

37909                    69.5%

37919                    59.8%

37920                    75.0%

37921                    70.3%

37922                    78.8%

37923                    73.9%

37931/32               79.3%


The deadline to complete the 2020 Census is Wednesday, Sept. 30. Act fast; time is limited!