The Sunsphere all lit up at night!



The Sunsphere looks amazing all lit up.  We are getting details of this project and hope to have more information soon.



Update: 10:29am 05/15/2013

I just received the email attached below  from PBA Chief Dale Smith.  It is encouraging to know that an inquiry by the Knoxville Focus helped attain such a positive result.  What Mr. Smith is writing about is about a month or two ago I met him in his office to inquire about what was being done about safety and lighting now that the Sunsphere has a night time restaurant. He assured me that safety is a top priority and that he was looking at various ways of addressing the issue.  He and his team did an amazing job. On a side note, it appears I have a “historic first photo” of the new Sunsphere at night.

Here is the email he sent me…
“We replaced the former incandescent lighting (which was not functioning well or bright enough) with LED lighting.  We went with a higher lumen level than what is in the rest of the park to highlight the Sunsphere, as well as to address the safety concerns that you and a couple of others had expressed.  The LED lighting is much more energy efficient and is cheaper to maintain, since the bulbs last much longer.  My maintenance manager at the park, Chris Gallop, said “thanks for noticing”.  Last night was the first night the new lighting was on.”