Sara Skinner performs for the first time at Teen Hoot!


Tonight at Teen Hoot talent rose on all levels.  The most well known Teen Hoot performer, Dylan Holland, received a special ceremony during his performance.  Holland who recently signed with Last Blink Productions may have given his final Teen Hoot performance.  He left the stage with an overwhelming ovation bringing both him and fans to tears.  Dave Malloy, who founded Teen Hoot in 2011, couldn’t have been prouder for Dylan.  As Dylan’s career has blossomed so has Teen Hoot.


With Dylan Holland poised to take his career to the next level, some bright, new talent is starting to emerge.  One such artist is Sara Skinner.  She gave a phenomenal performance that wowed the crowd and caught the attention of many people.  Further information on last nights Teen Hoot will be available in an upcoming edition of The Knoxville Focus.


-Dan Andrews reporting