By Dan Andrews

For the past three years, the Focus has been following the growing phenomenon of  TeenHoot. We were there when the crowd was 50 people strong, and we still continue to cover it today with thousands in attendance.  So this weekend when Dylan Holland said he had a major announcement that he was going to let Ebony Day announce, we knew it was going to be huge.  Well, Ebony didn’t let us down. TeenHoot is going to London!

Fresh off the most successful TeenHoot festival ever, David Malloy, the founder of TeenHoot, has decided it is time to take the festival to the next level! Over the years Mr. Malloy has brought artists from all over the world to Nashville. Now with his strong connections globally, he is capable of literally taking the Teenhoot brand all over the world.  In the music industry everything is about connections and trust. Mr. Malloy has created the pipeline of talent worldwide by flying in artists from all over the world.  Now, the music dynamic is reversed.  Mr. Malloy will be flying and working with the talent to take TeenHoot to a global level.

What is most impressive about all of this is that TeenHoot has been able to grow and become a phenomenon via social media. In fact, once again TeenHoot artists trended worldwide on Twitter during the festival and because of the festival.  This time the young charismatic rock group took the honor of trending worldwide. Personally, I find it amazing that Mr. Malloy continues to be at the vanguard of social media and certain a certain company that spends millions on their product promoting major acts and major concerts and major festivals just doesn’t get it. (Here is a hint…if you are sponsoring a major music festival and it is 90 degrees out…don’t have your free drinks given out indoors where the air condition is full blast. Duh…) Sorry had to get that out… Anyway, I digress. About the show…

The one boy band that really blew me away was . The passion, the energy, the persona, really stuck out in my mind.  Especially the drummer! Few times in recent years have I seen a drummer as charismatic as this young man! He reminds me of a young Tommy Lee!  The whole band is really an amazing high energy, adrenaline pumping, take a concert by storm band. I will be following this band for years to come.

Speaking of following artists for years, it was great seeing the magic between Dylan Holland and Skylar Dayne  . One thing I noticed is how deep Skylar’s lyrics have become. Her writing is much stronger and her growth as an artist is much deeper.  Skylar’s greatest talent is her ability to move the female audience.  Female artists rarely capture the hearts of a female audience that is at a location to see boy bands.  Skylar with her great friend performed a 90s boy band mashup that got the virtually all female crowd the most active all night.

As far talent and the next level. No doubt continues to rise to a level of talent few can. While watching her perform online I noticed the comments and how the viewers deeply moved and made an  immediate bond with her. She is without a doubt…the one to watch.