Tennessee Justice Center Honors Paige Dailey as “Mother of the Year”

~ from Tennessee Justice Center

For 24 years, Mother’s Day has been a grand celebration at the Tennessee Justice Center (TJC). Every year, TJC honors courageous moms, foster moms, grandmothers, and caregivers who persistently advocate not only for the well-being of their own loved ones but for all Tennesseans from Memphis to Mountain City.

With help from volunteer photographers across the state, TJC provides our honorees with framed family portraits and more as a token of our gratitude for their efforts to make our state better for all Tennesseans. These beautiful photos line the front wall of our office, and their moving stories of love and devotion inspire us all year long.

Tennessee Justice Center is proud to honor Ms. Paige Dailey as a 2024 Mother of the Year.

Paige Dailey is the proud mother of 31-year-old Amber, who has been diagnosed with Autism, Neurological Damage/Intellectual Disability seizure disorder, and other medical conditions. From birth, Amber needed special interventions and therapeutic care to thrive, and Paige was willing to do whatever it took to provide the best for her baby girl.

At the age of three, Amber started school and she loved it, but years later as her graduation approached, Paige and her husband Johnny faced the task of finding a program to continue Amber’s daily stimulation and learning experiences which contribute to her continued well-being. In 2016, Amber was approved for the ECF Choices waiver for funding to assist her daily needs and secure employment. Through this program, Amber has been employed part-time for 7 years with the YMCA. She is provided transportation and daily opportunities for learning and community engagement.

In October 2022, Paige received a letter from TennCare stating that Amber’s insurance was being terminated. This devastating news was followed shortly with more devastating news. Johnny, Paige’s husband and Amber’s dad, received a diagnosis of Stage IV Mantle Cell Lymphoma. It was all too much to bear.

After poor service from TennCare, Paige was referred to TJC by a partner agency. TJC worked diligently to assist Paige with an appeal and ultimately Amber’s insurance and services were reinstated. TJC is proud to honor Ms. Paige Dailey as a 2024 Mother of the Year for her dedicated care to the health of her daughter and husband and for her advocacy on behalf of families like theirs across Tennessee.

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