NASHVILLE – Tennessee State Parks today unveiled a Comprehensive Strategic Plan that will guide the operation of all state parks in Tennessee for the next 10 years. Key components of the plan are focused on four cornerstones: resource stewardship, visitor experience, facilities and amenities, and operational excellence.

The parks will develop specific strategic management plans for each state park and invite input from the public about those objectives.

In-person meetings will be held at or near the individual parks to hear more about the plans from the park staff with an opportunity for public input. The public meetings are being held now until Nov. 30 and will cover each park’s specific proposals. Anyone interested in the process can go to this link to view the systemwide plan, individual park plans, the meeting schedule, and access to the online survey.

Comments will be accepted through November 30 through an online survey or via mail. After the comment period, the parks will present the final plans in January.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) remains the primary steward of Tennessee’s natural, cultural, and historic resources, and the state parks plan is designed to meet current and emerging public needs.

“We have a plan that lays out a long-term blueprint to best serve our state,” said Greer Tidwell, deputy commissioner of TDEC. “We are committed to stewarding our extraordinary natural resources and sharing Tennessee’s rich history and vibrant culture. We will have a parks system that reflects the foresight and planning to provide Tennesseans for generations with scenic beauty, outdoor recreation, and connections to our history. Our parks are the best system in the nation, and this plan will keep us on that path.”

A theme throughout the plan is the commitment to a high-quality system that delivers world-class parks, with exceptional programming, trails, and facilities. Measures of success include being known regionally and nationally for its standard of excellence, and providing unique outdoor recreation opportunities for all, and contributing to local economies and the quality of life in Tennessee.

After the feedback from the public, the parks will adjust the site management plans for a report to the Tennessee General Assembly. The final comprehensive plan will be made available online.