On Monday, March 1st, 2021 the Tennessee Winter Beer Fest (TWBF) will move its annual silent auction online. While the group had initially hoped to hold their 10th-anniversary fest this year, the effects of the pandemic forced the group to cancel the event.

“We knew we couldn’t hold the event and maintain safety. However, we also knew that New Hope depends on this annual donation. We began discussing what we could do and one thing we determined was that the silent auction could go on,” shared board president Todd White. “By moving online, we can also run the silent auction longer and reach people who don’t normally attend the event,” said Don Kline, board member and silent auction lead for the group. “The silent auction typically raises somewhere between $6K-$7K and I think we can get close to that amount this year.”

The silent auction will run from March 1st through March 7th. Many local businesses and individuals have contributed items to the silent auction. The group anticipates they will have between 20 and 30 items when they launch on March 1st.

The group has also raised funds through a “Beer for Hope” program they launched with multiple breweries in November and several sponsors have also offered to contribute to the donation. “We’re really fortunate to have so many individuals who want to ensure we’re still able to support New Hope this year even without an event,” shared Todd. “While this year is our 10th anniversary, nothing says we can’t celebrate that when we’re able to gather safely next year. We’ll consider it a 2-year celebration!”

To participate in the silent auction, check out www.tennesseewinterbeerfest.com and follow the TWBF Facebook page and Instagram for more information.

About Tennessee Winter Beer Fest
The Tennessee Winter Beer Fest began in 2011 as an idea. Since its inception, it has raised and donated $150,000 to New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center. The mission of TWBF is to promote the regional craft beer culture within East Tennessee through intimate events and gatherings while supporting local charities. The TWBF board is made up of Nathan Robinette of Knoxville, TN, Michael Talley of The Talley Ho Inn, Steve Fillmore of The Townsend Abbey, Mike Adams of Charter Spectrum Business, Andy Atkinson of Maryville, TN, Todd White of The Brewing and Distilling Center, Christinea Beane of Knoxville, TN, Tony Schmitt of The Casual Pint, Lindsey Robinette of The Casual Pint, Don Kline of Knox Beer Snobs and Rob Shomaker of Knox Beer Snobs.

About New Hope Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center
Founded in 2003, New Hope, Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center, is a child-friendly, safe place for child victims of sexual and physical abuse or trauma. Children along with their non-offending family members receive the services necessary for a journey of healing within an environment that is designed to be the “child’s office”. The Children’s Advocacy provides a place for the District Attorney, Department of Children’s Services, Law Enforcement, and medical personnel to come together to coordinate and deliver services. One Story. One Time. One Place. www.blountkids.org.