Always an interesting day in the Mayor’s Office!









Pretty cool moment yesterday. I was making my rounds throughout the City County Building and found out that a wedding would take place at 4pm.  So I decided to swing by the office just to make sure that the wedding had a photographer (I volunteered to cover the event for free ahead of time if a photographer was needed.)  The family did have 2 professional photographers. The Mayor asked the bride and groom if they wanted the media present and they were very happy about it! Well you know you have an awesome wedding when the media shows up! Since I had on my suit and fedora with a press pass, I was dressed for the occasion! The wedding was literally one of the most beautiful, sincere, heart warming, events I have ever seen in all my years as a government beat reporter! Congrats to the new married couple Wes Touchstone and Amanda Shaw! Hey call me on your 50th wedding anniversary…so I can do a follow up story!