With teamwork, the near-impossible can not only become possible but a reality.  This was borne out recently with regard to an abandoned low vision reading instrument in Knoxville, an astute new Lions Club member, information gleaned from a Lions Club zone meeting, a dedicated Lions Club District Governor, and an ophthalmologist in Rogersville.

Mary Simpson, a new Lion with the Knoxville Diversified Club, was helping a friend clean out a relative’s house in order to put it on the market.  This is where the abandoned low vision instrument was found.  A little research indicated that the machine was still highly sought and was worth $3,400.  Pam Maples, President of the Knoxville Diversified Lions club, took pictures of it and sent them to Lions Club 12N District Governor Millie Burke to see if she might find it a new home.

At about the same time, District 12N Lions Club 1st Vice District Governor Paulette Bailey was taking part in a Lions Club zoom meeting and learned about an individual in Rogersville who was in need of a device that would allow him/her to read again. Paulette mentioned this need to Millie in passing, and Millie sent the President of the Rogersville Lions Club, Tim Seaton, information and pictures of the Knoxville find.  Tim, in turn, contacted Dr. Eddy Abernathy, a Rogersville ophthalmologist, and as luck would have it, the abandoned instrument was exactly what his patient needed, but couldn’t afford to purchase. Now, through Lions Club teamwork, the recipient can enjoy reading once again.  Lions Club International was created to help those with vision problems see once again.  Other Lions Club signature service areas are Hunger, Environment, Diabetes Awareness, and Childhood Cancer.

When the individual no longer needs the instrument, it will come back to Knoxville Diversified Lions Club and another individual with a need for it will be found.  In this way, the instrument will be kept in use throughout its lifetime.  This process could be referred to as Lions Tethered Teamwork – just one more highly effective way to serve our communities. Where there is a need, there is a Lion.