By Mike Steely

Former Knox County Commissioner Mike Brown, who left office September 1st and was replaced with Carson Dailey, often said folksy things and used phrases from an earlier generation. The senior commissioner chose not to run again but wants to stay involved, especially with the creation of a Safety Center.

He has represented the 9th District in South Knoxville and serves on the South Doyle Homeowners Association. During his county service he’s been on the Metropolitan Planning Commission, various other commission and continues to serve on the Seymour/ South  Knoxville Chamber of Commerce.

Brown, whose family goes back in Knox County history prior to statehood, will be missed for his input, his leadership on various committees, and his unique use of the English language.

For instance each meeting starts with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Most people say it and pause between “One Nation” and “Under God.” Brown never pauses and combines the two phrases into one “One Nation Under God.”

“There’s no comma there,” Brown said recently. He added that two commissioners who remain on the board have promised to continue saying it like he does.