Thrive Now Hiring for Summer Interns + Staff

Thrive Summer Program is now hiring for the Summer Youth Program that provides care and support for more than 200 elementary and middle school students. During this internship, staff will share in group activities, Bible studies, field trips, and reading help for at-risk youth. Interns will lead classrooms and youth throughout the summer in an immersive experience that will allow them to invest in at-risk youth through relationships while fostering their academic and spiritual growth.

The internship is from June 2- July 19, 2024, at five locations across Knoxville. College and High School students are encouraged to apply online at

About Thrive
Thrive connects caring adults with at-risk youth through gospel-centered relationships. We partner with communities to pursue spiritual, emotional, academic, and physical wholeness through our three main programs: Thrive After School, Thrive Summer, and Mentoring.

Learn more about Thrive and our work in Knoxville at