8th District Board of Education member Mike McMillan reports that Representative Harry Brooks has invited Tennessee Deputy Commissioner of Education Kathleen Airhart to speak on the subject of K-12 state requirements for testing and assessments.


The event will be held Tuesday, July 22, at 6:30 pm at the Central High School Auditorium. The public is invited.


Harry Brooks (R-19) heads the House Education Committee. He and Rep. Gloria Johnson (D-13), a KCS teacher, will be present to answer questions. Other Knoxville delegation legislators are also invited and may be present.


McMillan said that this isn’t a political meeting, and all elected officials, as well as the public, are welcome. “Reasonable questions” can be asked.


“I am assuming that the audience will be mostly teachers. This isn’t meant to pit one type against another type, it’s an informational meeting,” McMillan said.