Nearly two years ago I predicted the future. Today, sadly the future has become reality.  Here is what I wrote word for word August 15, 2012.  “Knox County is at the epicenter of the need for encryption! For that reason it should be at the epicenter of beta trials and working WITH the encryption vanguard to engineer the most advanced and easiest encryption! I am proud to say I have been in dialogue with and they are updating their program as I write this. For example, I asked them if they could have a time out warning system so when I write an email for more then half an hour it doesn’t automatically log off. The staff has been 100% professional and after I see the new updates I will be sure to continue to work with the good people at Private Sky giving my input on what as a journalist I would like to see.”  You can find that blog post right smack here

I knew that this company was way ahead of time. A key feature in Private Sky was . I state “was” because the British Intelligence community shut it down…  .

But the M-pin technology stayed! Well it is because of that technology we find this tweet about  their blog post today “Heartbleed vulnerability got you resetting passwords?  Our customers don’t worry because they don’t use passwords! “So today, as the whole world is in panic mode over the “Heartbleed Bug” please remember this…two years ago I wrote multiple blog posts about the solution…Sadly, I was too ahead of my time for people to understand. Then again, a few weeks ago I tweeted “being ignored and doubted often  is the price you pay for seeing the future first.”

As I write this blog post, I am in the final stages of   “Journalist Zero.” An awesome tool for any journalist with an Android phone. I really hope this time people listen to me!


Dan Andrews reporting…I told you so