The 2023 Green Tie Gala and awards dinner is October 12 at 6 p.m. at the Knoxville Convention Center.

This fun annual event is the organization’s opportunity to celebrate this year’s many accomplishments and thank supporters, program graduates, alumni, and community advocates. Entertainment will be provided by local jazz artist Brian Clay. Tickets may be purchased at

To purchase a table or make a donation please send an email to

More on SEEED: Although as Father Gregory Boyle so accurately stated “nothing stops a bullet like a job,” SEEED is about far more than ending violence within our community. Our purpose is to break the generational curse of poverty through education, on-the job training, and affordable, clean-energy home ownership programs specifically designed to help transform our communities from the inside out. By focusing largely on folks between the ages of 18-24 we can help to instill and reinforce core personal and professional values that result in meaningful careers with livable wage jobs, renewed hope for our community, and opportunities which can form the baseline for future generations.

  • Career Readiness Program – 8-week program for students ages 18-24 which pays them to explore various career paths and build life skills, job skills, and placement skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Community Engagement – Teaches young people the social benefit of collaboration and local inclusivity in the workplace.
  • Green Construction – Innovative program that specializes in the construction of environmentally conscious and sustainable housing for low-income families. Homes feature green technologies such as solar panels, a backup solar battery, insulated concrete form walls, and smart home technology.