~ from Town Hall East

The January Town Hall East neighborhood meeting tonight is a two-part program.

 January 13, 7 p.m.

The fellowship hall behind Eastminster Presbyterian Church



East business, our guest speaker, Shady Dell Trail resident Nickolus Stahlmann, will talk about the iverse wildlife to be found in our immediate area. Nick is a lab assistant in the UT Vet School and working towards a BA in Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries. He has a long record of presentations on related topics. He says of himself: “I am a part-time naturalist for Ijams Nature Center in South Knoxville. I have done talks on fungi, mammals, and salamanders for Ijams. I also do numerous outdoor programs on a wide array of topics; including aquatic invertebrates, insects, owls, bird songs, scenic kayaking, and many others. I also do some freelance work and have done talks for grade school kids at Tremont and local area schools and organizations.” Nick was also the guest speaker for the Sierra Club’s September meeting.



After Nick’s talk, two candidates for the County Commission District 1 seat will introduce themselves and the main outlines of their platforms. Evelyn Gill is finishing her first term as our representative and is running for re-election. Dasha Lundy is challenging her for the seat in the Democratic primary on March 3. A third candidate, Reginald Jackson, is also running. We will invite the winner of the March 3 primary and Mr. Jackson to another candidate forum before the August election for the seat. All three candidates are residents of East Knoxville.