~ from the Office of Neighborhoods

An Urban Forest Master Plan (UFMP) is a community-driven strategic plan to invest long-term in Knoxville’s trees. Trees Knoxville is spearheading the project with support from the City of Knoxville, the Tennessee Division of Forestry, Keep Knoxville Beautiful and Knoxville Utilities Board.

Over the next decades, the UFMP will serve as a guide for the Knoxville community to prioritize, preserve, and grow our tree canopy.

Here are four ways you can participate today:
* Get on to the project website and sign up to get project updates www.knoxvilletreeplan.org
* Fill out the online survey: https://knoxvilletn.us13.list-manage.com/track/click?u=2c225da2437ec3f6b734edf0b&id=4304072b94&e=bba8e6ddac
* Sign up to have someone from the project’s Steering Committee come and discuss the project at an upcoming meeting of your neighborhood group, community event, church group, or other organization interested in trees and the amenities they provide our community. The speaker will cater talks and solicit feedback for each group and make sure members of each group can provide input for the planning process. If a group is interested that can email the urban forester at kkrouse@knoxvilletn.gov
* Attend the Project Open House on Thursday, April 20, from 5:30-8 p.m. Location TBA.

Why are trees important?
* Trees clean the air
* Trees provide oxygen
* Trees cool the streets and the city
* Trees conserve energy
* Trees save water
* Trees help prevent water pollution
* Trees help prevent soil erosion
* Trees shield people from ultra-violet rays
* Trees provide food
* Trees promote healthy soils
* Trees provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife
* Trees beautify space
* Trees help with drought mediation
* Trees help capture rainwater

Please feel free to share these links with neighbors who might want to learn about the process, give their input, and possibly get involved.