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Subject: Crisis Regarding School Board – Request for Your Attention and Help


I know that you have heard by now that Dr. Jim McIntyre resigned yesterday as Knox County School Superintendent, effective July 8. Over the past eight years Dr. McIntyre has taken this system to measurable results never seen before, including the highest graduation rates, highest ACT scores, and Level 5 (the highest possible) system student outcome scores. All of this culminated this last year in Knox County Schools being named an Exemplary School System – the only large system in the State to ever achieve that honor.

Yet, as Dr. McIntyre said in his resignation, “We stand today at a strange place where educationally we are more successful than ever, yet politically there seems to be more negativity and noise.” Dr. McIntyre resigned rather than to remain the lightning rod for that negativity, so that hopefully the focus can be put back on what is best for the future of all of our children.

We also have the opportunity to do something about removing some of that negativity and noise from decisions surrounding our School System. There is a crucial election coming up on March 1 where the Knox County Law Director will be chosen. The choice is between the incumbent, Bud Armstrong, and the challenger, Nathan Rowell. One of the biggest reasons that drove Dr. McIntyre to resign was the politics being played on School Board issues by the current Law Director.

I ask you to examine the professional credentials and experience of each candidate, and I hope you conclude to help do anything within your power to elect Nathan Rowell. The timing of contributions is crucial for success right now, and if you are so inclined, the details of how to contribute are at the bottom of this message. Feel free to adapt this message to inform other folks in your own networks.

About Nathan:

• Nathan Rowell is a partner at Watson, Roach, Batson, Rowell & Lauderback, where he has been practicing since 1997. His primary areas of practice are in civil rights, employment law, and government tort law.
• He has served on the Board of Directors of the Community School for the Arts, Church Street United Methodist Church, and Wesley House. He grew up in Sequoyah Hills.
• Nathan has a deep respect and appreciation for education. His late father was Dean of the UT College of Education (Dr. Charles Glennon Rowell), and his mother is a retired teacher.
• Nathan has never run for office and is truly a “professional and not a politician”
• Professional bio:

About Bud:

• Bud received his law degree after retiring from TVA. He was a practicing attorney for 3 years prior to running for law director.
• He served 2 terms on County Commission, representing East Knox County. He ran for a 3rd term in one of the at-large commission districts, but was beaten by Ed Shouse.
• Since serving as law director, he has shown a desire to use the law as a political weapon. His lack of experience makes him susceptible to mistakes, putting the taxpayer at risk.
• He has been a continual thorn in the side of the current school board majority. He uses legal maneuvering to delay or fight votes on issues he wants to fight. In addition to attempting to gut the superintendent’s employment contract, he attempted several legal maneuvers to thwart the approval of the International Baccalaureate program at Bearden Middle School. He has continually encouraged County Commission to take school board items off the consent agenda to discuss and vote on them, directly in violation of the agreed upon “consent decree”.

Timing and Logistics:

• The election is March 1, but early voting begins on February 10th. That means most of voter communication will be going on in the next 6 weeks. The first major expenditures will be coming due in the next ten days, with another round of expenditures coming at the end of January.
• Each individual can contribute up to $1,500, which means $3,000 per couple, per election.
• An online donation button hasn’t been added yet. Sending a check saves over 3% in transaction fees, and does not have the transferring limitations that online options provide.
Checks can be mailed to:
Rowell for Law Director
850 Volunteer Landing Lane ,#105
Knoxville, TN 37915

(I would also urge you to support Grant Standefer in the Fountain City School Board district race, and Buddy Pelot in the Farragut School Board district race. Contributions to Grant can be made to Standefer for School Board, 5547 Beverly Square Way, Knoxville 37918. Contributions to Buddy can be made to Pelot for School Board, 9211 Colchester Ridge Road, Knoxville 37922).

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