TVA asks KUB customers to reduce power use

Power supplies are tightening as conditions create greater energy demand

Knoxville, TNThe Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has alerted KUB that its power supply is experiencing an increased demand caused by extremely cold temperatures. TVA has alerted KUB and other local power companies that increased conservation efforts are necessary to extend the available power supply and avoid service interruptions.

“We appreciate our customers joining us in these steps to reduce the strain on TVA’s grid,” Gabriel J. Bolas, president and CEO of KUB, said. “While this is a precautionary measure, it can have a big impact as we work to meet the demand for electricity.”

KUB customers are asked to take the following measures:

 Lower your thermostat as safely and comfortably as possible.

  • Postpone using large electrical appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, and cooking equipment. If you do need to use large appliances, use them during the warmest part of the day when electricity demand is lower.
  • Businesses should minimize lighting and turn off all office equipment that is not in use or necessary.
  • Eliminate all non-essential use of electricity, such as decorative indoor and outdoor lighting used for hallways, walkways, and home patios.


Customers are encouraged to visit KUB’s website at for updates and tips to conserve energy.