Effective July 1, two recycling drop-off centers that were established through a Goodwill partnership with the City of Knoxville will be closed. The two Goodwill sites are located at 5412 Pleasant Ridge Road and 4315 Kingston Pike (behind Western Plaza).

“All City recycling drop-off points will remain in effect, but these two second-party sites will no longer collect recyclables,” said David Brace, Senior Director of Public Works. “Goodwill has and continues to be a great partner in our efforts on the recycling front – with these two sites and the other five centers that they staff for the City, they have really made a difference for our community.

“While it’s disappointing to lose the locations, they simply became too expensive for Goodwill to offer the service, and we understand that sometimes it comes down to making ends meet. We’re grateful for the impact Goodwill made with these two sites by providing recycling options for the surrounding neighborhoods.”

Brace noted that the City’s Public Service Department crews will collect recyclables a month following the closing of the two Goodwill sites as residents get acclimated to the change. City officials researched the possibility of taking over payments to keep these sites open but determined the added routes would cost the City tens of thousands of unbudgeted dollars. Goodwill will continue to collect household donations at both of these sites.

With the loss of the two sites, five City of Knoxville recycling collection points remain operational in Knoxville; Knox County has seven sites. The City and County sites collect a variety of recyclables, including separated glass, aluminum and tin cans, mixed paper, cardboard, and plastic bottles and jugs. The Household Hazardous Waste Center at 1033 Elm St. is not equipped to accept routine recyclables, but will take harder-to-recycle items like used motor oil, carpet and padding, computers and fluorescent bulbs.

City Solid Waste Manager Rachel Butzler says the City will be evaluating its options for enhancing recycling as a request for proposals for future garbage and recycling services is prepared. The new solid waste contract will go into effect in 2017.

“Our upcoming improvements to the solid waste management contract will ultimately bring more convenient garbage and recycling services to residents,” she said.

For more information on City recycling, please visit www.knoxvilletn.gov/recycling or call 311.