1,524 Lady Vol Soccer fans show up for the home opener!


“If you market it right they will come.”  Much like  the movie “Field of Dreams” that is exactly what happened tonight at Regal Stadium.  In an effort to boost attendance and continue to take Lady Vol Soccer to the next level, the university decided to make the entire season free of charge. No hidden costs.  Free admission, free parking, and free water from the water fountain. So did it work?

A resounding yes!  Last year for the home opener the attendance was 783 people. The weather was cloudy and in the 80’s.  Click here for the 2012 home opener scorecard.  Tonight with 1,524 fans in  attendance that number literally almost doubled  over the home opener of last year!  What was even more impressive was the retention rate of fans after halftime. While a small amount of young dedicated fans left because they were exhausted and it appears was way past bedtime, the large majority of fans stayed until the end.

Also note that this might be the perfect “counter programming” to high school football.  With many home games on Friday night, fans now have a cost effective alternative to high school football.  In conclusion, with a dramatic open season win, a dramatic rise in attendance, and a dramatic plan to bring in the fans…the drama of a long and exciting soccer season has just begun.

For a  full recap of the game visit the University of Tennessee recap here.

Dan Andrews reporting from Regal Soccer Stadium.