Five students from the University of Tennessee have partnered with Young-Williams Animal Shelter to create a crowdfunding campaign, Fur Ever Vols, to better the lives of animals and continue to help Young-Williams’s mission to end pet homelessness. This group of students who want to give back to the Knoxville community have until December 5, 2017 to reach their goal.


The goal of this campaign is to raise $1,500 to sponsor six pets entering the shelter. Every animal is required to get a $250 basic care package consisting of: food, vet care, vaccines, spay/neuter, and a microchip tracking device. Money raised will go toward covering the cost of these packages which ultimately increases their chance of being adopted.


Young-Williams takes in thousands of animals every year, so the costs for them multiplies. “We really rely on the donations from the public to keep this going,” explained Young-Williams’s development manager Sophie. These packages allow animal-lovers of all ages to help an adoptable animal without committing to an adoption.


Fur Ever Vols members understand the need for quality care for homeless pets in the Knoxville area. Through this campaign, the students have seen the hard work that goes into running a non-profit animal shelter and have a greater appreciation for the individuals that keeps Young-Williams saving lives. The students continue to share a love for animals and have made it a priority to improve the lives of homeless pets in Knoxville. “Animals teach the most about humanity and aren’t humans at all,” Emily van der Merwe, Fundraising Chair.


Young-Williams is a vital resource to our Knoxville community. This campaign will help insure they can continue to give quality care to pets in need.