Five University of Tennessee students are dedicated to giving back to the Knoxville community as they have launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide 1000 meals for the children in the Lonsdale community. These students are from five different cities in the southeast of America, yet have come together for the betterment of the Knoxville community to help feed the children in Lonsdale.
These students have partnered with the local 501(c)(3) non-profit, Thrive Lonsdale. Thrive Lonsdale has been aiding the Lonsdale area for over 20 years through after school activities and summer programs for the neighborhood children. Thrive’s youth leaders mentor children of all ages in order to make sure that the kids not only have academic success, but also form a healthy relationship with God. Thrive Lonsdale provides nutritious, hot meals each day ensuring that the children always have a place to eat, learn and grow.
The student’s campaign benefits the community by nourishing the future generations here in Knoxville. Libby Gray, Kitchen Director at Thrive states, “A lot of [the children] come to Thrive each day not having breakfast or lunch, so they are very hungry.” These UTK students have launched a GoFundMe campaign called “Living to Thrive UTK” where they are accepting donations of any size to provide meals for the children.
UT has given the students a unique opportunity to give back to Knoxville and embody what it means to truly be a Volunteer. The students feel accomplished knowing that their hard work will give the children a safe and loving environment while at Thrive Lonsdale.


Team member and University of Tennessee student, Peyton Doyle, says “Thrive’s vision to impact the lives of children through Christ has empowered me to want to make a change in my life and the community around me.”

Thrive Lonsdale seeks to holistically care for these children and they need the community’s help to continue their ministry. Their food ministry provides nutrient-dense meals for over 130 children daily which equates to almost $200 a day. You can donate to the University of Tennessee student’s campaign at The deadline to donate to the cause is December 2, 2019.