How much revenue does the City of Knoxville take in on UTK Football home games? To answer that question, the Knoxville Focus, reached out to various city departments to get a better handle on the revenue number.

Here are the responses we received…

******Knoxville Area Transit*********

We received your request for information on revenues from our gameday shuttles. While revenue varies from game to game, I can use the example of the first game of this season, in which we brought in $28,798 in wristband sales – the wristband gives the purchaser trips both to and from the game.

Our fares for football are based upon our costs, so KAT essentially breaks even on football shuttles.

Let me know if you have other questions.

Belinda Woodiel-Brill

Director of Marketing and Development

Knoxville Area Transit

301 Church Avenue

Knoxville, Tennessee 37915

*******Knoxville Police Department*********

Good Afternoon Dan,

This past Saturday, there were 9 illegally parked vehicles pulled. The fee is set by City Ordinance (city council). The city will collect 25.00 dollars and the wrecker company collects 71.50. Fleet actually collects the 25.00 fee, not the KPD. As far as where that money goes, you will need to contact Fleet.

Hope that helps!

Darrell DeBusk
Public Information Officer

*****Coliseum Parking*****

Utah Arkansas

$8,730.00 Revenue $6,865
– 807.53 Tax 635
– 607.00 Labor 594
$7,315.47 Net $5,636

According to the director of the coliseum Greg Mackay, “State law requires the city to pay sales tax on parking revenues.”

Which is interesting. Since the city gets approximately $1.5 million from the University “Amusement Tax.” We at the Focus will be looking into the total given by the city to the state.

****Public Building Authority****

Utah State Game

Blackstock parking garage $2,815
Polar $3,964
City County Building $6,520
Dwight Kessell $1,520
Locust Street Garage $9,600



=$62,172 approximately made

However, this number should be taken as a good estimate.  Certain numbers should fluctuate week to week.