Visit Knoxville has partnered with Victor Ving and Lisa Beggs of the Greetings Tour to create the “Greetings from Knoxville” mural (part of a nationwide series) to be located at 1143 N Broadway on the side of Nothing Too Fancy’s print shop near K Brew. The painting of the mural will begin on April 6, 2017 and be completed by April 12, 2017.
The Greetings Tour is looking to create Greetings murals in all 50 states. With the support of Visit Knoxville, this will be their 24th mural and their first piece in the state of Tennessee.  Some of the imagery of the artwork includes iconic images of Knoxville including the Sunsphere and the Tennessee Theatre’s vertical sign as well as popular new spots like Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness.

“Visit Knoxville is committed to projects like the Greetings murals as it helps tell the story of Knoxville in a visual, artistic way that both visitors and locals can enjoy,” says Visit Knoxville president Kim Bumpas. “This is one of many mural projects we have partnered on with artists. We have enjoyed working with Victor and Lisa to make this a reality. Also we are thankful that the owners of Nothing Too Fancy came to us with this great idea.”

The artists will be selling vintage large letter postcards collected on their travels at the mural location throughout the duration of painting. Proceeds will go towards supplies and travel costs.

To see the creation of the mural online, be sure to follow @visitknoxville on Instagram.