With both the CMAfest occurring this week I decided to ask a simple question to people throughout Knoxville…

The first person I asked was Michael Grider. He is the  chief communication officer for the Knox County Mayor… Here is what is on his Ipod.

“I hit shuffle on my iPod (4,103) songs:




1)      Neighborhood #2/ The Arcade Fire

2)      Back Against the Wall/ Cage the Elephant

3)      It’s Everybody’s Fault/ Jack Johnson

4)      We Are Young/ Fun.

5)      Trunk/Kings of Leon

6)      Fight Outta You/ Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals

7)      Stop Breakin’ Down Blues/ Robert Johnson

8)      Frank Sinatra/ Cake

9)      It Didn’t Take Too Long/ Scott Miller and the Commonwealth

10)   Drive By/ Train”

Next, I asked Jesse Mayshark. He is the Communications Specialist with the Office of the Mayor in the  City of Knoxville. A big part of his job is being the liaison officer with the media. Here is his list and he also sent us information about what the City Mayor has been listening to.


“Sure. I don’t know about “top 10,” but these are all things I’ve had in recent rotation. With commentary!


“Still Into You” – Paramore (I haven’t been a big Paramore fan, but the new album’s really good. This is my favorite single of the year so far.)


“Lunacy” – Swans (Their show at the Valarium last year was great, but so head-splittingly loud that I left before it was over to protect my ears.)


“Merry Go Round” – Kacey Musgraves (Smart, sharp country music. I like her.)


“Master of My Craft” – Parquet Courts (I am a sucker for a certain kind of nervous, wiry indie rock, and this is that kind.)


“Let England Shake” – PJ Harvey (I had sort of lost interest in her after the late ‘90s, but this album brought me back around.)


“Pretty Wicked Things” – Dawn Richard (Gothy, spooky R&B. My 8-year-old son loves this one, too.)


“Celebrated Summer” – Husker Du (I could pick any number of Husker Du songs. I love how they explode out of the speakers, nearly 30 years on.)


“Melody for Melonae” – Jackie McLean (I’m a jazz dilettante, so I’m constantly discovering classic things that are new to me. This has been a favorite the last few years.)


“Drove Me Wild” – Tegan and Sara (Their new album sounds very ‘80s-pop, which is probably why it’s my favorite thing they’ve done.)


“State of Grace” – Taylor Swift (I’m a big Taylor Swift fan, and this song is a U2 rip-off that’s better than anything U2’s done in years.)


Radio I mostly listen to news, but I do listen to “Improvisations” on WUOT just about every night. They have a great roster of local jazz hosts.


And to repeat what the mayor said yesterday, she’s been listening lately to Il Volo and to Rod Stewart’s “Great American Songbook” box set.”


Speaking of the City, I spoke with Council member Nick Della Volpe  and he stated he listens to Classical, Jazz,  Bluegrass, Rock, a little bit of Country, music from the 70’s. In his car right now he is listening to  Beatles love songs.


More names and music to come throughout the week.

Dan Andrews reporting…