Webb School of Knoxville will host its spring Spartan Showcase,  a Pre-K through 12th grade admissions Open House event, Sunday, February 26, 2023, beginning at 2 p.m. on the Webb School campus in West Knoxville.

At Webb School’s Spartan Showcase, prospective students and their parents will have the chance to engage  with the people who know Webb School the best – its faculty, administrators, students, and others – and see  firsthand the programs that help students unlock their talents, passions and potential. Beginning in the  Bishop Center and continuing across campus, this free event also features interactive presentations and tours  of the school’s dynamic learning spaces that facilitate creative and collaborative learning, plus much more.

From trying their hand at driving a 100-pound robot used at FIRST Robotics competitions to visiting the  Lower School’s STEAM-focused SmartLab, the Middle School’s Governor’s Center for Innovation or the  Upper School’s leading-edge visualization lab; from sampling lunchtime offerings in Webb’s Spartan Bistro  to learning what “passion projects” fifth graders are working on for the Lower School’s Creative Genius  Initiative, interested families can explore multiple opportunities for their child to connect, imagine and grow  at Webb School.

“Beyond the school’s top-notch campus and facilities, and unparalleled academic, arts and athletic programs,  Webb students, parents and teachers are truly a family” says Michael McBrien, President of Webb School of  Knoxville. “Our Spartan Showcase enables us to share with the greater community our commitment to  providing an exceptional educational experience for each and every student and for prospective families to  discover the energy of our campus and how we are making a positive difference in the lives and futures of all  Webb students.”

To register for Webb’s Spartan Showcase, go to webbshowcase.org.