Exclusive! Earlier today at the University of Tennessee Social Media Week, Mayor Rogero mentioned how she recently emailed her hard working, community dedicated, chief public information officer, Jesse Mayshark. The email was sent late on a Friday night. Within minutes, the dedicated public worker immediately addressed the issue! So the Mayor responded “Get a Life.”

So I was at the City County Building today and being an intrepid reporter I stopped by Mr. Mayshark’s office. As usual he was hard at work, answering calls. sending out emails, getting open record requests, and when I stopped by to ask him if Mayor Rogero really said that he needs to get a life, Mr. Mayshark stopped everything to address the issue.

He stated that she did indeed state that.  After I joked around about an open records act for the document he immediately responded. He stated that the email was right in front of him on his computer. Since Mayor Rogero has a very  “open and transparent” administration (really they are very professional to work with) he immediately printed me out a copy.

Turns out, yes she did tell Mr. Mayshark to get a life!  On a side note “Administrative Professional Day” is April 23, 2014. Dan Andrews reporting…