Stephenson Realty and Auction welcomes Chase Clemmer

By Jamie Schnell

Veteran-owned and operated Stephenson Realty and Auction was founded by William “Bear” Stephenson in 1982 to serve Clinton and surrounding areas with real estate and auction services. A new addition has recently joined the team of 11 agents

New Affiliate Broker Chase Clemmer feels his journey was destined and part of a greater plan. “I’m a God-fearing man with a full belief that there is a master plan for our lives. “When Bear walked in, it was a direct line of connection to God’s plan for me. I asked for his guidance, and I truly believe this was his answer. He has blessed me countless times, but now I am seeing it unfold in real time.”

Bear and Chase’s paths had happened to cross right after Chase had decided to pursue his real estate license. And they kept crossing as Chase got into his coursework.

When asked why he chose Chase to join his team, Bear replied, “Why not Chase?”

Chase told The Knoxville Focus, “I see many traits in Bear that I also see in myself. One of those being a refusal to fail. Failure isn’t an option for me. Another being the willingness to become successful the right way. It’s an honor to learn from someone who has been as successful for as long as Bear has. Two traits I seek in a work environment: a high work ethic and a refusal to fail, and that’s what’s here. That’s what motivates me.”

Born and raised in Knoxville, Chase Clemmer describes himself as genuine, honest and disciplined. Chase thrives off helping people by “bringing out the best in the people around me by being the best version of myself.”

Chase plans to hold himself accountable for his contribution to the success of Stephenson Realty and Auction. “I want to succeed correctly, morally, and ethically. To be the most successful I can be for the company while bettering myself as an individual.”

Bear promised, “I look forward to mentoring Chase and relish being able to assist him with my knowledge throughout his journey.”

After 40 years in business, Bear contributes his company’s success to tenacity. “I refuse to give up. And that’s what Chase has. That’s what Chase is going to bring to our team.”

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