Scenic Knoxville Celebrating Eight Years

By Mike Steely
The local organization that fought and won a new sign ordinance for Knoxville, got a ban on digital signs and electronic message boards and continues to seek out and report abandoned signs will host a national speaker Wednesday, April 20th, and the public is invited.
Scenic Knoxville is an 8-year-old non-profit group dedicated to preserving and enhancing the scenic areas of our area. It was the first such organization in the state and is affiliated with Scenic Tennessee and Scenic America.
The diverse group includes a board of directors made up of Gene Burr, Lisa Starbuck, Jerome Erpenbach, Joyce Feld, David Goodson, Marsha Grieve, Margot Kline, Robert Marlino, Kevin Murphy, and Julie Webb.
“We are hosting the president of Scenic America, Mary Tracy, at the East Tennessee History Center and she will be speaking on the scenic conservation movement from its origin in garden clubs to the founding of the national organization in 1982,” Starbuck told The Focus.
Scenic America is celebrating the 50th anniversary on “Taking the Long View – A Vision for Realizing America the Beautiful,” which addresses five issue areas identified as priorities: Community Character, Parks and Open Spaces, Scenic Byways and Gateways, Undergrounding Overhead Wires and Beautiful Highways.
Tracy will also talk about highlighting the work of the organization’s extended network of affiliate members including Scenic Knoxville and the hard work and persistence that has achieved several victories for scenic beauty in the city and county. She will also talk about how the average citizen can get involved to create real change in their neighborhoods.
The public and neighborhood leaders are invited to the free event Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the East Tennessee History Center at 601 South Gay Street.

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