COVID Crisis, Not A Border Crisis

By Steve Hunley, Publisher

It is becoming increasingly apparent the leftists are trying to prepare everyone for more mandates and edicts about the spread of COVID.  Yet it’s time to address the pack of elephants in the room.  All the talk about masking children in schools again – – – and California is already requiring masks once again – – – although the very same people ignore what is happening at the southern border.  Tens of thousands of illegal aliens are pouring across the U. S. – Mexico border and evidently many of them are sick.  We hear about “travel restrictions” but none at the border.  Most Americans seem not to realize the northern border, that between the U. S. and Canada, remains closed.  Yet the border between the United States and Mexico is wide open.  Can any rational human being explain that?  Does that particular policy follow the science or is it because of woke politics?  300,000 illegal aliens have gotten away and disappeared into the interior of our country and no one knows how many might being carrying the coronavirus.  It is a fact our own government has released COVID-positive illegals into communities throughout our country, buying a bus or plane ticket and allowing them into the small towns of America.  But these same leftists and Democrats say Americans need to mask up.  The scorn they enjoy spewing for those who have not been vaccinated seems to be reserved for Americans, as they never utter a solitary word about people pouring into the country without vaccinations.  Some of the same people promoting the idea of door-to-door vaccinations ignore the situation at the border.  The very same people saying Americans should be accountable to COVID have nothing to say about holding the Biden administration accountable for allowing unvaccinated people to pour across the border and move into the interior of the country.

Title 42, implemented by President Donald Trump, expelled back to Mexico almost 1 million illegal aliens trying to cross the border, just since March 2020.  Even the Biden administration is a little hesitant to lift Title 42 because they realize there’ll be a rush to the border.  The number of illegals encountered by Border Protection officers and U. S. Customs officials was almost 190,000, in June alone, a high for the past 21 years.

New reports indicate COVID cases amongst illegals in the Rio Grande Valley area has surged 900% in the first two weeks of July and the numbers continue to rise.  The 900% increase was the greatest in those testing positive for the coronavirus as compared to the previous 14 months.

Back in March of this year, Rochelle Walensky, a health official in the Biden administration, had said Americans could visit with others inside their homes who were vaccinated.  Asked about visits with grandchildren and Walensky said no, unless the youngsters happened to be local.  The logic was even those who had been vaccinated should avoid traveling.  That clearly doesn’t apply to those crossing the border.  Ms. Walensky and her colleagues apparently have nothing to say about that kind of travel.  One can get on a bus or plane with COVID or the delta variant and travel anywhere in the United States.  Nope, Mamaw and Papaw couldn’t see their grandchildren unless they were local, but it was hunky-dory for illegal aliens.

The narrative of the mainstream media, especially outlets like MSNBC, CNN and NBC, is the COVID surge is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.  If that is really true, how does one excuse what is happening at the U. S. – Mexican border?

Keep these facts in mind when the leftists start talking about what we must do in this country to stop the spread of the coronavirus and its delta variant.  Until they do something about the border, it’s merely more of the same and has nothing whatever to do with science.