Lynn Duncan: A Great Lady Passes Away

By Steve Hunley,


To me one of the most difficult things to do in this life is to watch a loved one slip away by degrees over a period of time. That is exactly what Jimmy Duncan and his family did over the last several months with Lynn Duncan.

Notable personages have already paid many tributes to Lynn’s life, but I believe her most lasting legacy will be her children and grandchildren. There is not the slightest doubt amongst those who knew her that she dearly loved her family.

The victim of a stroke and confined to a wheelchair three years ago, Lynn’s condition was compounded by a recent diagnosis of cancer. According to her family and friends, Lynn never uttered a solitary complaint. Nobody heard Lynn Duncan express any word or deed that could have been construed as self-pity. Instead, Lynn lived her life right up until the very last moment, cherishing every minute and second with her husband, children and nine grandchildren. That alone signifies great character in any human being.

Lynn’s life was a busy one and while she was the spouse of our district’s longest-serving congressman, Lynn carved out an identity of her own. Lynn would have been, I think, the first to say being a wife, mother and grandmother was the highest calling any woman could have, but she also believed women had much more to contribute to the community and world around her. Lynn served on the Tennessee Parole Board, worked for Lincoln Memorial University and the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs.

Lynn Duncan’s life was one of purpose and service to others. That is an awesome legacy, especially for the Duncans.

Lynn Duncan made the most of her time on this earth while she was here and I don’t reckon there can be any higher tribute than saying she loved her dear ones to the end and beyond. That love was and is returned in full measure.

To our friend Jimmy and the Duncan family, every member of The Focus family is thinking of and praying for you and yours.