Funding approved for Gibbs Pedestrian Bridge

The Tennessee Department of Transportation announced Friday that it will approve $1,938,344 in Transportation Alternatives Program funding for the proposed Gibbs Pedestrian Bridge across Tazewell Pike.

Last November ground was symbolically broken for the project and dedicated to Staff Sergeant Ryan Knauss. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs, Congressman Tim Burchett, Commissioner Richie Beeler, and other elected officials attended the dedication and announced the county would apply for grants to pay for the construction.

The proposed bridge will connect to the existing sidewalk on the west side of Tazewell Pike and include a short (approximately 160 feet) segment of new sidewalk from the Tazewell Pike sidewalk to Gibbs Elementary. A future phase will consist of a new sidewalk and boardwalk from the elementary school and proposed bridge to the middle school. The bridge’s eastern ramp will tie into the existing sidewalk along the front of the high school building. A short connection between the existing sidewalk will be extended 150 feet to the south side of the building, where buses currently drop off and pick up students.