Remembering Larry Cox

By Steve Hunley, Publisher

This past week, a great man and supporter of all things Knoxville, Larry Cox passed away. For decades Larry Cox was one of the more prominent people in our community.  A successful businessman, Cox was also a longtime member of the Knoxville City Council. Larry Cox was also one of the more notable advocates for athletics for youngsters in Knoxville and was heavily involved in the Knoxville Falcons Youth Sports organization for years. Especially a booster of North Knoxville and all things related to Fulton High School, Larry Cox was a fixture at sporting events, community meetings and potluck suppers.

There was nothing selfish about Larry Cox; quite the contrary.  Few people gave as much of themselves, in terms of time, money and just plain hard work as he did.

Larry was an outgoing man who genuinely liked people and they liked him.  That was the recipe for all of the success he enjoyed in politics.  A number of things have been named after sitting city council members and Larry Cox truly deserved the recognition given him when the Larry Cox Senior Center was named in his honor.

Larry Cox was a hardworking guy and good neighbor. Larry was profiled by our senior writer, Mike Steely, last year and was asked how he would wish to be remembered. “As an honest person, I love my family, my church, my coaching and my work with girls and boys,” Cox replied.

Larry Cox also loved his community and it showed.  Those of us who knew Larry Cox, will miss his friendship and genuine warmth.  Life was good to Larry and he was good to others throughout his life.