The Medicine Shoppe owner and pharmacist Kenton Page

By Sarah Baker

The Medicine Shoppe is now located at the back of Fountain Square above and behind Verizon Wireless. Owner and pharmacist, Kenton Page, operated The Medicine Shoppe from its previous location in Fountain Village for over 35 years.   The new location is comfortable and secure and has generous parking.

The Medicine Shoppe specializes in customized medications by compounding.  According to their website, “compounding is the practice of preparing customized medications using pure, active ingredients to solve problems or meet specific customer needs.”  Page explained that they mix medicines that are not pre-made.  Therefore, they are able to offer specialized prescriptions that other pharmacies may not be able to provide.  They work with many local physicians, but they don’t work with pain clinics.  “We don’t carry the high-powered stuff,” said Page.  “We do offer more personal service and good parking.”

Indeed, that does seem to be what customers like about The Medicine Shoppe.  Besides the specialized skills and customized medications, The Medicine Shoppe is snug and organized.  When you walk in you will find some run of the mill over the counter stuff, some really neat cards and books, and two comfortable benches where you can sit and wait for your order.  Kim Parks has been a customer of The Medicine Shoppe for a couple of years.  “I think it’s more personal,” says Parks.  “There’s not a huge line, and he knows who I am when I come in.  He’s done a wonderful job tracking down what my pets need.  I’ve always had a wonderful experience coming here.”  If you have any questions about The Medicine Shoppe, call 865-688-7025.